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MD5319 – SM2 – Music for networks and communities – T9 – Evaluation

The performance overall I think went well given the circumstances but there were things that of course could’ve have gone a lot better and smoother. The highlight of the performance I would say was the found sounds that we manipulated as this sparked interest in the audience as I found they were intrigued with what the sounds were originally; I had a few people come up to me and ask what they were.

The facetime connection also worked really well and there wasn’t any lagging due to bad connection which we were worried about, as there isn’t any signal in the film studio and the Wi-Fi isn’t the best. The set up visually I think worked as everything could be seen clearly and how my table was set up I was able to reach everything I needed at ease.

Time was our biggest down fall and constraint, if we had more time we would definitely have had a lot more practice in and the performance could’ve ran a lot smoother.

The main problem while I was performing was that the mics would only work when I highlighted/clicked on the correct track, this meant I couldn’t just play the instruments into the microphone leading me to not using two of the home made instruments.

Throughout the process of finalizing idea there was always conversation about using the people who walk into the refectory as a trigger/stimulus. An example of this would be by trigger a specific melody, rhythmic pattern or use a particularly instrument whenever you see someone wearing a specific colour. This idea is something I definitely want to incorporate if we were to do the performance again as I think we needed something to visually react to, not just use the refectory as a whole as the stimulus.

It was also clear that it would’ve been more effective and easier if we had used Abelton, using this DAW would have allowed us to drop sounds in and out in time. Also using the sample pad and mics would’ve been simpler, as in Logic you had to click on the track for it to have the input and output working effectively whereas this isn’t an issue in Abelton.  Using Abelton would’ve produced a more smooth and simpler outcome really. The reason we used Logic was because due to circumstances with Ophelia we had to work around a way for me to concentrate solely on the music and I’m more confident with logic than I am Abelton. Obviously if we had more time to practice and if the circumstances were different we would have definitely opted for Abelton.

The idea I feel could definitely be improved in different areas, such as the ones mentioned above. Taking this to a larger scale would take a lot of working out as it would defiantly be a case of taking it from logic and using Abelton as our music platform instead. The performance also needs a lot of time put into practicing for it, this is something I wished we have had more of as it was the cause of most problems for the performance.

The performance idea has a lot of room to grow and improve but as a base idea I think it could lead to something good.


MD5319 – SM2 – Music for network and communities – T8 – process/performance statement

We will be using objects & actions within the refectory as a stimulus to inspire a musical performance, using the environment as a whole as our inspiration, rather than particular human behaviours within the refectory. We will stream a live video feed of the refectory through Facetime and project that live video feed, into the performance space. To create the musical piece, pre-recorded and manipulated found sounds will be utilised alongside live home-made instruments all of which have been inspired by the refectory. The pre-recorded found sounds have been transformed into different rhythmic loops, melodic hooks and textural elements for the piece. For example, we used effects such as pitch-shifter, delays, reverb, EQ and distortion to alter found sounds such as a tap, into a more musically exciting sound. The live instruments will be played through microphones into logic with effects plug-ins applied to each one. They will add depth to the pre-recorded sounds and add a visual element to our performance.

To create the musical piece, pre-recorded and manipulated found sounds will be utilised alongside live home-made instruments all of which have been inspired by the refectory.

The pre-recorded found sounds have been transformed into different rhythmic loops, melodic hooks and textural elements for the piece. For example, we used effects such as pitch-shifter, delays, reverb, EQ and distortion to alter found sounds such as a tap, into a more musically exciting sound.

The live instruments will be played through microphones into logic with effects plug-ins applied to each one. They will add depth to the pre-recorded sounds and add a visual element to our performance.

MD5319 – SM2 – Music for networks and communities – T7 – Project proposal

Project name 

refectory reflectry

Roles and responsibilities 

Ophelia- Creating a midi sample on logic using sounds from the refectory – creating loops of the sounds and manipulating the sounds, basically creating a soundscape. She will also be in control of the live stream camera in the refectory that through using facetime will be projected onto the screen.

Rosie(myself) – reacting to the stimulus by creating the music while reacting to the live stream setting.

Both – Capture the sounds of the refectory, be involved with the performance on the day and Create the home made instruments.

Theme / stimulus

The main point is to use the refectory as a stimulus.

Using the general environment sound and setting as our stimulus, rather than responding to movement of the people within the environment.

Networking means

We are connecting two locations through a form of collaborative software and responding to one of those locations through music to a live audience. They will be experiencing the sound of another environment in their current environment they find themselves in. Networking a feel and a sound from one environment and audience, to another.

We wanted to use a very human form of collaborative software (Facetime) which wasn’t hugely focused on the digital side of things. I.e. The audience will see a live environment in video form and people performing every day activities in real time rather than information being delivered through a screen or in message form. I think this in itself creates a more engaging and stimulating performance.

Sonic aethetic

The sounds heard will be ones that you would typically hear in a refectory, but they will be manipulated to create a more advanced sound. The majority of the sounds will have been captured in the refectory prior to the performance and pre-prepared into a form of a track ready to use on performance day. The other sounds used will be created live using instruments made that are inspired from items you would find in the refectory (Instruments listed in the ‘other’ section below). Having instruments being played live creates a more visual appealing performance and creates another layer of depth to our initial stimulus. I will be triggering the individual elements that Ophelia has pre made to stop and start at specific times in the performance, adding variation dynamically as well as texturally.

 The aim of the pre-prepared is to elevate the everyday sounds of the setting into a more immersive, musical and abstract piece while the live handmade instruments are there to solidify the idea of everyday found sounds can be transformed into something more interesting than just the sound they initially create.

Technical requirements

Interface with 4 channels at least

4 mics – condenser (need to chat with Marcus about which are best to use and which are available)

including XLRS + Mic stands

My Mac – For the facetime

And Ophelia’s Mac – Logic session

Projector + HDMI Cable

Ophelia’s Phone – for facetime

Midi keyboard + Wire to connect


 Stage Requirements

 Long table with instruments on and mac on the end, preferably tall

(staged to the right – Looking at stage)

Mic stands lined up in front of the table, each instrument being assigned directly to one microphone

Small table holding projector and Mac

(Staged central with screen directly in front of it)

Initial rehearsal schedule

Friday 25thMay – Practice 1

Aim– To ensure logic sounds are working and that the sound is mapped correctly across the midi and to check facetime works from Ophelia’s phone in the refectory to my Mac in the room designated for the performance.

*No time constraints – End practice when we are happy.

 Monday 28thMay – Practice 2

Aim– Make sure everything is set up to run smoothly on the day. Double checking the logic session and the mapping again.

*No time constraints – End when everything is set up running smooth

 Tuesday 29thMay – Practice 3

Aim– Check everything is still running as it should in prep for the performance in the next coming hours

*Practice under performance guidelines

Other notes

Instruments –

Coffee bean shaker – Echo and reverb

  • coffee beans in a coffee cup

Spoons clang together – Reverb

  • Two Metal spoons

Coffee Slurp

  • A coffee in a coffee cup (Buy on day) – Echo/subtle distortion

Rustle of paper bag – keep sound clean no effect

  • Get 3 paper bags from canteen


MD5319 – SM2 – Music for networks and communities – T6 – Simultaneous performance between locations

Collaborate with others to create and perform a short piece of music (3-5 mins) utilising concepts/tools discussed in the remote locations session.

Ophelia and I did this task together and decided to do a Jam over FaceTime. Our plan was for her to play piano and I would sing, the song we chose to do was bad romance by lady gaga.

This is what we got….


As you can see the FaceTime jam did not go to plan at all. The main issue was that when someone spoke or sang the other audio from the other side would cut out; basically when I sang the audio coming through from Ophelia with the piano would cut out completely.

This obviously shows that FaceTime isn’t really a realistic platform to share music through. I don’t think that there could be any way around this audio problem.

Using it for just a visual live stream on the other hand would be an option as there wasn’t really any problems with latency.



MD5311 – Audience and Market research – Instagram

Instagram… this social media platform is one I want to invest a lot of time and promotion into as I think having a clear, song visual image means a lot in this music world now.

Having an ‘image’ is something fans can invest in, fashion is something I love and i feel that it is something thats a huge deal when becoming an artist. Fans buy into your looks and they also like to style themselves on people they are inspired by. (promotion)

London Grammar don’t really follow through this image on their instagram…


They promote purely music through their instagram, they haven’t got a specific fashion associated with them.


The 1975

They offer a clearly though out instagram page, with though in post order and the whole aesthetic. When I look at their page, I see Purple tones and a clothing style. This is something i want to achieve. I want an aesthetic.


Another Band that offers a visually pleasing Instagram are….


The whole layout of the photos and the edit. You can just tell time has been spent creating a style and people appreciate this. An aesthetic is something fans buy into.


MD5311- Audience and Market research – My tracks and Evaluations

With my Ep in the position it is now I would want to tweak a few things before uploading it to any music platforms. I’d use the tracks how they are now as teaser tracks for promotion sharing an upcoming release to create a buzz around the EP.

I think theres some work to be done to the overall master of my track ‘Stand at my Feet’ and ‘Sorry’, they aren’t quite in release position due to the time constraint when recording. ‘Let Go’ is the one closest to a release point but me being a perfectionist I’d like to pay someone to mix it so it really reaches it full potential. Obviously creating and producing my EP myself was all part of this project, but if I was to release this I would have someone else to mix and master as I feel realistically it would be the right decision for my music.

I’d start by uploading my music to soundcloud as this is a free platform for me to share my music on. I’d use twitter and Instagram as my main social media promotion platforms as these to social medias are the ones most used by my generation now and the age range using these are my the majority of my demographic. (15-30)

Promotion on these platforms would definitely be something to think about and invest in.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.39.21

I have a Facebook page for my music already set up with a following so it would just be case of actually using it and following the easy guidelines of creating promotion and boosting posts.

Along side boosting and promoting I’d also use socials to follow and connect with similar artist and create a community of a like artists, getting my name known with other people and using word of mouth with in the music industry because having these contacts is so valuable.

Gigging regularly is also going to be a must as you can never get enough practice and also its great for promotion. Realistically I am at the point in time where I need to transfer the electronic aspect into my performance so practice is something much needed for me before anything.

Ideally I would like to build a youtube fan base before releasing content on streaming and buying sites as I think this could possibly get me noticed by A+R while I’m working on more original material.

I don’t feel like internet radio is something I want to branch into just yet as I think my music is on that bridge of being more pop so is received better on mainstream stations rather than smaller internet stations. I found smaller stations that broadcast my genre very minimal.

Steps to take –

  • My first step would be to work more on the tracks and get the to the highest standard they could possible be.
  • Create a promotional package for the EP (artwork, poster, cover photo, teaser videos etc.)
  • Upload the tracks onto Soundcloud
  • Create a buzz with promotion via Facebook, twitter and then Instagram.
  • Once I have a committed following i’d look into using spotify as my main music release platform

work from there…


My EP –     LET GO


MD5311 – Audience and Market research – Spotify

Spotify is not only a platform for me to release my music but also a place for people to discover my new music through playlisting.

I would have to use a distributing service for my music to be put onto Spotify so at this moment in time I’m not prepared to put my EP on Spotify, I would prefer to have more of  a following before that.

A distribution service i’d use would be Ditto Music as I already know up and coming artists that recommend this site.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.12.59


Spotify play listing tends to depend upon your audience reach initially for you then to be noticed to be put on the discovered playlists

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.17.23

These two playlists created by spotify based upon your recent listens would mean for you to be added into these, you’d have to be well known and also be known to being similar to another artist.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.21.03

Heres a link to an FAQ page for artists on spotify…

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.25.48Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 21.26.03




MD5311 – Audience and market research – Streaming

Youtube channels 

I always thought of youtube as a music platform but just for someone releasing their music on their own channel, this is not the case as Youtube channel play listing is a thing. Ive searched through some and found channels that could feature my music. All of these being able to be contacted over youtube.

Wave of Good noise – Chill/electronic playlist


Majestic Casual

A Channel that showcases a variety of genres, the most main stream channel mentioned so I feel like this could be an obvious choice to ask to feature my music.


Soundcloud playlists 

Sound cloud playlists work in the same way a spotify playlist would, someone collates music together and creates one playlist with all these different songs on it.


Seeing as my genre seeps into the pop category this playlist would also be a place for me to share my music.


Not only playlists but Soundcloud you are able to upload your tracks with no other person involved, no cost and you just use it as a free streaming platform. Great place for me to start off with as I haven’t got a fan base, this could be a good way of creating some form of following.


Seeing as Spotify is such a huge platform now I decided to dedicate one whole blog post to it.

MD5311 – Audience and Market research – Spotify


MD5311 – Audience and Market research – Internet radio


is an online streaming website that allows people to create their own radio station and distribute it on this platform.

Below I’ve listed shows that would potentially play my work.

  • Scared to dance
  • Selector Radio           (these two both being an all range genre station)
  • Under the radar (Offer plays for all genres and its a show for unsigned artists)
  • SXSW (plays variety, but based in USA.



A internet radio broadcasting from London, Manchester and Los Angeles.

To find residents that would play my music there was an explore bar where you can type in 3 different genres that would find episodes tagged with that genre.

I chose to search, pop and electronic  (indie/singer songwriter wasn’t an option)

  • 239ef
  • Oliver coates
  • Puma blue
  • Erased tape
  • Throwing shade

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.39.54


Amazing radio

The show ‘Audition with charlie ashcroft’ allows up and coming artists to have their music shared and then the audience vote to say which track they want in the amazing radio playlist for the week.

Great opportunity for promotion as its not limited to a genre and its up to an audience, gives you an idea of what the listeners are liking.

They also have a tips for 2018 section, sharing new artists to watch out for.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.06.35





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