Sally Cinnamon- The Stone Roses

This song by The Stone Roses is my favourite track by them so this is why I chose this particular track but it is more the band in itself that strike the memories for me. I  went to to see them live on June the 17th of this year and honestly the whole gig was just an eye opener for. An eye opener meaning that I had people well teenagers sniffing cocaine on pretty much my shoulder which is something I’ve never ever experienced before, and grown men pissing into cups and just throwing it onto the rest of the crowd (so happy that I wore my rain coat)! I think it was a realisation into the world of music and more so the ‘Madchester’ music scene.

The whole experience just really showed me the true reality of the demographic that a certain band/artist appeal to because i can assure you if I was to ever play a gig i would not want people getting showered in liquids that are not rain. The crowd was just full of Adidas, Fred perry, pretty green and just the whole Mod style and football hooligan style, this meaning a lot of rowdy drunken men which would actually be rather intimidating in a pub scenario but we were all there for the same thing, to experience the performance, just shows what music can do really.