Rewind – Paolo Nutini

Structure-                                                                                                                                                      Verse|Pre Chorus|Chorus|Verse||Pre Chorus|Chorus|Chorus|Bridge|Chorus|Chorus|Outro

The song lightly starts with gentle strumming on an acoustic guitar accompanied by a piano simply playing singular notes, this then joined by paolos vocals. We are then introduced to a light cymbal tap on the beat which is then pushed into the full use of the drums when the pre chorus kicks in. Full band for the rest of the song until after the bridge the first chorus back is just guitar and vocals with the whole band kicking in again for the repeat of the chorus.

The song has this whole repetitive feel which i think links with the title and overall theme of the song ‘Rewind’. When rewinding something its a constant repetitive process until you get to the point you need to which in the way of the song is the end.

The underlying theme of the song is wanting to be able to rewind back to a time when things were better than how they are now. The first verse starts with explaining that he’s been left on his own and he’s the one who has to deal with it and ‘pick up the pieces’. The chorus is his wish almost, he wants too rewind back to the times that in the next verse he is reminiscing about.

The bridge is a powerful one, this is reflected through the melody that the voice is ‘performing’ and I want to say that you modulate into the upper key. The lyrics are showing the frustration that he gets the blame but your the one who’s left.

‘Going from bar to bar’ this line is also a reason why I feel that the song has been made to be repetitive as when you’ve been drinking you do tend too repeat and forget things you’ve already said and especially when you’re upset. Its a lyrical take on drowning your sorrows.