Task- Research a melody from a favourite song and present your findings to the class. Analyse the construction f the melody for the verse, the pre chorus and the chorus.

Consider the following- Is it major? Minor? Why? Does it follow the outline chords? How does the melody develop? Does the melody transpose? Does it vary from section to section?

20th Century Boy – T.REX

Is it major or Minor? and why? –  From what i can hear the Song is in the Major just from the chord progression used. The reason for the song being in the major Is possibly due to the fact the song hasn’t got the stereotypically sad minor tone it is a generally upbeat major song.

Does it follow the outline chords? – During the verse the melody does not seem too stray too far from the key chords, therefore the melodies notes making gradual steps around the chord.

How does this melody develop? – The melody during the verse doesn’t have much development, it simply repeats the melody through the the first four lines and then goes onto develop into the pre chorus.  The pre chorus is where we get introduced to sequencing, they have clearly just repeated the melody but up a key which gives the listener the whole ‘climbing’ up to the chorus feeling. The Melody gets developed in the verses and pre chorus via harmonies and the collective of voices that gradually come in. The Chorus finally arrives and it is just the same line repeated 4 times over with harmonies.

Does the melody transpose? – No the melody does not transpose