Ross Teal, Will Davis and I all worked together on the lyrics and Melody of this song as the task was too focus on these two parts of the song. We decided to take a simple approach on the structure, that being: Verse, Pre chorus, Chorus and this we found worked well and gave us chance to come up with different melodies to each section. The Subject of the lyrics was a common ground of losing someone so we each found it quite natural when trying to think of emotions and words to express such a subject. When it came too putting instrumentation to it we al decided on a stripped back just piano vibe as we felt the lyrics needed to be heard. So we ‘jammed’ chords and different melodies over the top until we found what we have created down below…





Just a young boy trying to make it through the night

Scared to let go and reach for the light

For a family thats hard to see

To face the harsh reality

Pre chorus

Its time to let go x2


We went searching for a cure

Only to find out it won’t help us anymore