Task                                                                                                                                                            Source two stage plans/plots and compare/contrast their differences in set ups
– Create a “How To” guide on creating a stage plot and post to your portfolio

This is Stage Plot one-


Stage Plot 2-


  • Johnny Knox stage plot uses shapes to outline and show what instrument or object it is meant too be portraying. Parlour Tricks stage plan uses small pictures of the instruments and people to diagram clearly who is where and what it is. Although example 2 clearly indicates what it what as they have used ‘realistic’ images this sort of comes across less professional as it looks slightly cartoon like.
  • Plot 1 shows each Mic easily as they are shown by shapes to create the shape of one and it clearly indicates where each one needs to be. In plot 2 they have used a similar idea of the mic being portrayed by an image of the mic on a mic stand, this way of stage plotting allows the designated reader to know exactly what stand the mic needs to be on and where it has to be and who it is for.
  • Plot 2 has used numbering and then a key at the bottom to share further information that is needed which i think looks neat and professional, whereas plot 1 have included text next too each section where necessary. The way in which Parlour Tricks presents text is a much more formal and understanding way compared to the way that Johnny Knox have present theirs.
  • Both Stage plots have labelled the names of the person by their designated instrument/area, this allows no room for a mix up of where anyone is.
  • Each stage plot offers clear understanding of what it is