Myself- Lyrics + Melody + Chords

Ross Teal- Chords + Melody

Will Davis- Lyrics + Chords + Producer

The whole coming together of the piece was a joint effort and we all had input in someway of the over all final piece and we worked together really well taking on board each others suggestions, especially when it came too the chords and the feel of the song.

Lyric Scaffold- 

Who is singing? The Child- Reflecting about childhood so he’s actually an adult

Who is the singer addressing? Just the listener, the ‘Child’ is telling the story

Is it a particular ‘you’? A particular you

IS the singer conveying the song through an interior monologue or directed at someone? Interior monologue

What will be the overriding emotions conveyed by the singer? Reminiscent, sadness, hurt

What other element will you bring to the lyric? The setting and the singer

Does the song have a setting? The house where it all happened

When is the event happening? now, in the past, in the future? The event is reminiscent of the past but it set now

What ill your song structure be? Not sure yet.



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