‘Task- Individually, write a conclusive, reflective document on the overall creative development of your song.’

Writing a song on my own isn’t all that strange or a daunting aspect to me as it is something I have been pushed to do throughout the years, this meaning I have experimented many times on how to write a song, a way that really gets my mind working in a musical way and I have only found one way that really works for me. The way in which I go about creating a song is basically sitting down with either guitar or piano (in this case a Piano) and just start by playing different chords/melodies/patterns and just seeing what works together and what doesn’t. I never went in with an initial idea of the subject matter of the song wether it needed to be sad (minor) or happy (major), I just wait and see whatever comes to me while I jam out these notes and chords.

I always say that I want to stray away from the whole cliché ‘love story’ songs but actually I found myself drawn into writing lyrics with a love theme revolving around each word I had written on the page. I think that due to avoiding writing about relationship love for a long time, I had lots of new ideas and experiences that I could write about as it had been so long since I had written about this lyric subject. I started off with influences of being broke up with and this idea stuck for 2 days until I flipped the story I did have in my lyrics completely on its head and turned down the road of ‘jealousy’. So thats how a came onto jealousy being the lyrical matter of the song. I found myself throughout the creative process constantly criticising myself (which is something I have always done) but this time It made me actually change my song twice and on the third time it became my final product. (        )

The structure for many of my songs have always been ‘Verse, Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus’, which at the start I did start to just automatically do but I soon decided on writing with a different song structure and ended up with ‘Verse, Pre chorus, Verse, Pre chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre chorus, chorus, Improv, Chorus’. I actually had written a different song with the lyrics with bridge that I wrote in my first finished piece that ended up as the chorus in the final song.

I chose to use piano as the accompanying instrument because I felt this gave the lyrics and the vocals more freedom and also this made sure that the lyrics were more of a focus point as there isn’t going to be a lot going on instrumentally.

I want to in the future develop this song further and even though i mentioned above just the rawness of piano and vocals is what I wanted, I actually would like to try it with bass and drums as this would breath more life into the overall song. This will also give me the chance to collaborate with other people and bring in fresh ideas on how to improve and adapt my song.