Reference Playlist on Spotify




London Grammar

Minimilistic accompaniment with a strong forward vocal..


Tom Odell- Wrong crowd, piano tape version.

Just piano and vocals. simple yet effective

This comparing to…. starting at (1.10)

This is the released album version, the instrumental is a lot fuller with many instruments coming in, and the piano is a synth sound instead.

Another artist who has released both single version and then a piano version is SIA with her song Elastic Heart, i want too create and produce something that is meeting in the middle of them both, minimalistic with just piano and clear vocals but i want to create depth with maybe violins or guitar?


This violin idea is something that I think will benefit my style as a singer songwriter and bring something new to the songs that I have written so this idea is a strong possibility for what may be involved in my final track.

Adele is one of the closest artists that I can reference myself to with my music and what i write and she has included violins in many of her songs, so this is why this next song is one of my reference songs.


The last song I am going to reference is another Tom Odell song but this time  ‘Heal’. This song is vocals and piano and then with depth and layers being added with more vocals and harmonies. If my song came out anything like this and causes you to feel the emotion that this song does then I will be extremely happy.