Tom Odell- Heal

The track that I have chosen is a singer songwriter track called ‘Heal’ by Tom Odell. The thing that grabs my attention with this track in particular is the simplicity of it in all aspects, from the sound, production and instrumentation but the emotion it brings you is so heavily felt, you can relate to the ache, heartbreak and loss. ‘Heal’ simply starts with an intro from just a lonely piano carrying rhythm and accompinament  which stays throughout the song in its constant state that you hear during the intro and then we are introduced to the main melody line being sung by the main vocals of Tom Odell. The structure of the song is as follows: Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Verse 4, Chorus, repeat chorus. This is just a simple AAB structure which follows what I said about the simplicity of the song. The main melody is carried through the lyrics which are flourished with ornaments so that there is at some points more lifts in the song and the melody is straight and clear when it comes to lines of importance.  Subtle is the key word I would use when it comes to describing this song as everything is done in a slight way a key example of this is the kick drum sound that is introduced at the 1.30 area of the song. Production is also minimal and this compliments the piece, reverb, echo, layering and the mastering is what has made this track.