The track I have created is a singer songwriter piano track which I have developed from a simple piano and vocal song to one with more depth and more interesting for the listener. My main influence for my final piece was my reference analysis song, this being ‘Heal’ by Tom Odell, this track offered a minimalistic idea which I have tried to create with mine. I was trying to achieve the stripped back sound with a touch of mystery which I have done through the vocals by using echo, delay and reverb, this idea was influenced from the vocals in many of ‘London Grammar’ songs. I have used the structure of AAB, this compliments the lyrical content that I have included as it gave me more verses to express emotion through what I was singing. The biggest achievement of this track is that it is a song that I have produced which is something I have never done or even attempted before.

My initial idea was to add strings into the track but I wasn’t sure how to implement this so when I was creating the track I played around with different string sounds and this ended up with me using the chord trigger to create an underlying string section that shadow the first chord of the piano. The first trigger is on the verse with the trigger note being an A, then the pre chorus is and F and my final chord trigger is on the E and F but up a octave from the piano. These strings create an extra layer of the key chords but bring more depth and create a more interesting track rather than being extremely stripped back of just keys and a vocal. When it comes to the vocals I used a lot of reverb and echo to create the sound I wanted and then recorded another take of the vocals but with some experimental changes and I actually ended up finding a lower deep harmony, so the layering of the vocal tracks have created this echo mysterious sound.

The track overall is a real accomplishment due to the fact as I said before I have never produced on my own I have always relied on other people. My final piece involves the minimalistic and stripped back singer songwriter style I was striving towards and the strings and use of the sampling techniques I have learnt in this module has led me to adding extra sounds and melodies that I would never of thought to add before. To further my track I would like to add percussion or a beat being present at some point as it would build the track more whereas at the moment It doesn’t build and develop as much as I would like. Another idea would be to create a melody with the strings and try the song in a way that is opposite to the stripped back style I was going for.