Set Task 1 – Using the concept of “The Trump” compose and capture an original composition based on the skills of your enforced group.

Group- Ophelia Neville, Tom Bentley and Rosie Mountjoy (Myself).

When it came to creating this song, Ophelia, Tom and I all decided that we wanted to think outside the box and not go with the straight up idea of doing it about Donald Trump as we felt this was an idea a lot of other groups would go down. We started off with writing down what the word ‘Trump’ meant to us and what it reminded us off which led on to us all having the idea of childhood game, so thats where we decided that games would be our underlying theme/object.


The lyrics we settled on:

Verse 1

You laid out the deck when we first met

One wrong move even the wrong step

Don’t want to risk being the joker


Verse 2

You’ve got a bit of a reputation

I Try to read your thoughts as you play your hand

In anticipation of your next move (your next move)



And I can feel the end closing in

Cause I’m running out of cards to play

Wishing it was yesterday

Cause now I can feel my lungs caving in

The deck is stacked against my fate

And I’m running out of things to blame


Verse 3

Shuffle all you want it won’t change a thing

The moves have been predictable

I’m not playing anymore it’s time to let you win


Chorus x2


Below I have included the 3 takes of the song, this showing the development and the final version of the song.