Set Task 2 – Utilising the cut up technique, choose ONE piece of literature (newspaper/book/blog/article) and create an original song.

The focus for this task was too take either a clipping from a newspaper/magazine article, book or blog post take out the sentences/phrases to create a song. I chose to use a blog post as they are something that I read a lot of anyway so I knew exactly where to go and find a post that I like and could write about.

A blog I have kept in touch with is one of which if written by a girl I went to school with who diagnosed with cancer while in her last years of high school. Her blog focuses on the challenges she faced while having therapy and the ones now she’s in remission. She uses the blog to inspire other cancer patients and also as an outlet for her emotions. Cancer is a subject which I touch on quite a lot within my songs. A lot of them being emotionally stirred from the feelings brought on when I use music and songwriting as an outlet.

The blog post I used was titled ‘Survivorship? more like survivor-shit.’. The title in itself is a strong so this is why I wanted to create a statement not your usual song writer song but something that is out of the ordinary. Below I have linked the blog post.


I cut up not only sentences and re jigged them but also cut out words in sentences and put them somewhere else to create powerful statements.

Sentences and short phrases I used-

‘It’s gruelling, draining, bitter sweet and the hardest part of this whole journey.’

‘the day to day life of living with cancer.’

‘I am burdened with guilt, and I do not feel amazing, brave or an inspiration.’

‘Quite simply, I feel guilty.’


‘I am stuck between extremes; trying not to die of thirst while fighting not to drown under the waves.’


With this song I didn’t want it to be a ‘pop’ song but more of a tune over accompaniment,  sung like a poem. I chose two chords to play under the lyrics, C and Em

Finished Lyrics –    (audio following)