Task 3 – Sample video

The idea for this video was to cut up videos of pets playing instruments and create a song  from it. One main issue that arose when trying to create this was everything was in different keys and beats, this constant battle with trying to find animals with instruments that were in a similar time or key was so difficult, hence why the video is only 30 seconds.

Ive never tried anything like this before let alone cutting up video and audio and creating something out of that. Through each task I was learning how to add new effects and this one I taught me how to transition smootly between clips by clicking right at the end of a clip and clicking the transition tab; Little things like transitioning techniques will help me hugely in the creating of my final video as I plan on my song being slow so will need smooth transitions.

For this sample video I raided the internet of dogs playing drums, animals playing piano and even parrots singing which resulted in a funny compilation of musicals pets.