Set task 3 – Using object writing, select four distinct timbral and lyrical semiotic elements that define the theme without making any explicit references to the theme itself

Group – Ophelia Neville, Matt Yapp, Rosie Mountjoy (Myself).

The object we chose for this song was a Window. We wanted to choose something so simple that could also be a metaphor. Our initial idea was to hold the theme of a family having lost a close family member and the relative being stuck only able to see them (through the window).  The characteristics of the window was the main starting point and this is what the lyrics centre around. We wanted the window to become the relatives eyes metaphorically speaking but didn’t want this too be to obvious; The line ‘But no more breath to fog the glass’ was the closest we came to hinting at this subject, as obviously you wouldn’t have anything to fog the glass anymore. The rest of the lyrics hint a little more at the subject with the rest focussing on characteristics of the window and how the window/family changes through seasons, we really wanted the warmth of family to come through the lyrics.


Lyrics –

Cold to touch
The muffled warmth seeps through
From the character filled haze
Distorted by those drops
But no more breath to fog up the glass

That yellow ochre paint we chose
Dressing the worn wooden panes
Peels and stains
Peels and stains

The barrier between you and I, me and them, and the world?

The season smells which lined our path
Of living,
Now only memories left clinging to the frame?


We recorded an instrumental part to accompany the lyrics and we decided with spoken word instead of singing.