This is just a little blog post sharing the challenges and problems that occurred when practicing in the studio in preparation for the final track for this module.

I decided before going into the studio with my final song ready I wanted some time to practice which I shared with Ophelia, doing this with someone else meant we could help each other and also its impossible for me to record and press buttons so we really relied on one another throughout the whole project. These ‘practice’ studio sessions were probably the most valuable as we were learning new things every time we went in, we made mistakes at this point that could be fixed before our final project and it allowed us too experiment. To be quite honest I was not confident with recording at all, I had previous experience with using cubase, but a new studio with new software and new people to work with was hugely daunting.

Setting up Mic’s and finding the ones we loved the sound of was one of the main things I wanted to focus on as because I’m planning on my song being just vocals and piano I feel like this attention to detail of the original sound of the piano is hugely important as it is so exposed.

We had a A B Microphone set up (Rode NT3’s), XY mic set up (Neumann) and a figure of 8 mic set up (C414’s)


Setting up all these mic’s gave us the choice to hear what sound and tone from what mic set up I like and prefer.

Plan is too when it comes around to record the song for the module I will still mic up the piano exactly the same with all the microphones shown above as it gives me options.

One huge benefit that came around during one of our practice studio slots was that, we found that the piano was making weird sounds when the pedal was used which ended up turning into a few weeks of Marcus trying to get the piano guy in too sort it out as it could be heard on all of our previous takes.

” Screenshots of  Emails too Andrew and Marcus”

Screenshot 2017-05-15 18.16.20

Screenshot 2017-05-15 18.13.08

Prior to us receiving the email about the piano man coming to fix it, we tried to dampen the sound by covering the sustain pedal with my jacket. IMG_5725

(It didn’t work!)

Due to the piano not working this pushed me to use the Nord which actually ended in me finding a sound that I could possibly use in my final track.


I decided to record the original that I wrote for last semesters plug and play module as a practice run before I recorded the new original for this module, as I wanted to get a feel of the studio before using it for the ‘real deal’! Unfortunately I didn’t have chance too mix and master the track or else I would have included it as an example but your just going to have to take my word for it!

The Vocals were recorded on the sm57, U87 and the (find out the name of the third mic) and overall i loved the sound of the u87 so this is the mic I shall be using for my final track.

Microphones were something we had a difficulty with ad to be quite honest we had a few embarrassing moments which included Marcus coming in on multiple occasions telling us the Mic was facing the wrong way or the switch wasn’t at the right setting, but I guess thats what the practice was for. An example of this was the lower microphone for the figure of eight set up was facing the opposite way to what it needed to be.



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1st photo – Ophelia being my producer for the day

2nd photo- Inputs in the piano room

3rd photo- Desk

4th Photo – my track so far

5th, 6th and 7th photos – Studio booking emails.