Task 3 – Performance Proposal

Group – Ophelia Neville, Chloe Wood and Rosie Mountjoy (myself)

We started of by making a playlist of songs that we liked the sound and ones that reflected the idea we were intending to create. It’s difficult to choose just one artist as we wanted to take ideas and influences from a range of them. Using the looper to create layering is definitely an approach we want to take as we are all singers capable of harmonies; This layering approach is something ‘Alt J’ are known for doing this is why they are one of our key influencers. The story is the main concept, our idea being that the song is themed around schizophrenia and we are the three voices, this creating a confused, eerie vibe.

This Alt-J song is the closest one that incorporates the harmonies, layers and eerie sound that we strive for.


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.34.09