Set task 4 – Select one song and highlight your understanding of the musemes function within track (200 words + link to track)

The track that reflects the idea of musemes for me is ‘The Velvet Underground – Heroin’.

The Velvet Underground introduce you with an electric guitar playing the two chords that stay consistent throughout the song and is joined a few moments after with the beat of a drum. The drum reminds me of a heart beat, this beat speeding up and slowing down through out the song imitating what happens to your heart after heroin is in your system. Thus creating a feeling of unease and confusion. This confusion is also fed into the lyrics from the very start, the first line being, ‘I don’t know, just where i’m going’.

There are constant references to the way drugs affect the way you think and feel which are not only carried though the lyrics but displayed in the instrumentation. I love the way the song makes you feel on edge and brings you up and down with the dramatic changes of tempo, there is never a time where you feel safe in the song with it drawing to the end only getting more sporadic in the guitar patterns and quite frankly the beat is dropping in and out of time.

I feel the songs theme ‘heroin’ is representedĀ in every sense, it takes you on a journey which is not something music now a days does.