Task 4 – DIY performance video

Task four allowed me to experiment with camera angles to an extent and gave me some ideas of where I want the cameras facing in my final video. I settled on doing a piano and vocal original song as this is similar to what I will be creating for the final video to so a practice run of this seemed like the best idea.

I used two iPhone front cameras as they offer a HD shot and as I have one and so do my friends it was easy to sort out another one to use for a short while. One of the cameras I had on top of the piano with a shot of my face to capture the vocals, and the other was rested between to keys to get a close up shot across the full set of piano keys. Due to the time constraints when making this video I had to settle on the head shot I had but, if I was to do it again I would have it more set back with the piano in the visual because I didn’t take into account the empty space all around me in the shot even though I wasn’t even central.

I didn’t go to experimental with the editing as it wouldn’t suit the song so I tried transitioning through and editing the colour of the shots. Im really happy with the piano key shot however the light in the very back of the shot didn’t allow me to edit the colour as the bright shine was restricting.