For my final song I tried to incorporate each songwriting task and build my song from that. Object writing is something that really stood out to me as I tend to craft my songs around one idea or word and it grows from there.

My Object was the sea/water, with the underlying theme of suicide. These two subjects/themes are something I can relate to closely and evoke real emotions so this gave me the drive to become creative with the lyrics and then the emotion shows through the overall audio.

The main inspiration came from a personal experience in the family so thats why the main aim for my song is it to show the raw emotion. The emotive lyrics accompianied by piano and vocals is the way I want to capture this natural sound.

The sea wasn’t always the theme, in fact I started off with it being the woods. Following are photos of my songwriting book with how the writing process developed.


I actually started to use this as my final song but after recording the piano in my first studio session when I listened back I completely changed my mind so thats basically how I came about writing another song.


This was another song idea ^^^^

After that was when I decided I wanted to toy with the idea of the sea,

Sea Mind Map



The Sea for me gives a strong feeling of vulnerability, as it would for a lot of people due to it being so huge and can be very dangerous. Being vulnerable is an impression I wanted with in my song, this crosses over the theme, lyrics and even the accompaniment.


Final Lyrics –

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 01.05.50

The Structure I chose was:

Verse, Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, repeat till end.

This structure flows which imitates the waves in the theme of the song and it is one I am comfortable writing in. The dynamics also have this feeling of the ripple of waves as I have added harmonies to deepen sections of the song so it isn’t straight throughout.