While learning to use pro tools in the studio our lecture group for split up into four groups and we each recorded a verse and chorus of a song, this was so we could be taught how to use the studio and also we could use the audio recorded after to have a practice mix and master on which for me has benefitted hugely as I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Obviously learning how to set up and turn on everything in the studio was the start to these studio lectures, with a studio exam too follow. Below is a annotated drawing of the steps on how too turn everything on and in the order it needs to be. (Courtesy of Sarah Walker)IMG_5510

We were shown different mic set ups for each instrument we were recording, each one I documented via photos:

Drum Mic set up-

Bass mic set up-

Piano mic set up-

Guitar mic set up-

” Photo of Notes from marcus’s lectures”

After all the recording had been done and lots of notes about how to do it had been taken we had the opportunity too practice and have assistance on how too mix and master in protools which is something I had never done before let alone in pro tools. This is my first try at a master below…