For my final project I chose to create a music video with a hint of live performance, this involved a performance of my original song ‘Let Go’ with an interesting visual effect as I didn’t want to fall into just having a live lounge style video.

My initial idea was to capture ‘nature’, mainly a mixture of wide and close up shots of the wind blowing through the trees and shots of the sky as this is what ties in nicely with the subject and emotion of my song. I was going to take the shots and transition them alongside the live performance video, however when it came to editing, the colour of the back ground compared to the nature blue and green back grounds it clashed and looked horrendous jumping from those to colours to a deep red; If I was to re record this video I would definitely take into account using a neutral back ground or a white one, this would allow me to tinge the colour in editing to match the other clips.

My original song is a slow singer songwriter style so with creating a video like this there are boundaries, and restrictions to how creative you can be, this actually ended to be a problem for me as it dampened my creative ideas. I ended up experimenting with layers and focused on the performance shot. I used an adjustment layer to change the feeling of the performance shot so it wasn’t so harsh, I adjusted the colours and the warmth thus creating a smooth natural look.

I used all the natural shots as layers over the performance clip, this created a subtle but unusual effect and gave the plain performance shot some interest. I used the soft light layer as this is the one that was subtle and created a warm visual, this complimented the instrumentation and lyrics. All the ‘tree’ shots were ones I had taken myself in various outside spaces, all had a similar look but I made sure the ones I used in the final video were different shapes as it created variation in the layers, as the shapes are the most vivid. Once the editing was finished and I had watched through it I felt that it needed something as it was just tree shots, so I ended up finding a video online of flowers blooming which I proceeded to cut up and used them as layers again but this just gave the video a change from the trees. The blooming flowers were actually a juxtaposed idea as the song is about losing life whereas obviously a blooming flower is at the beginning.

If I was to shoot this video again I would:

  1. Make sure I was shot in front of a plain white/neutral coloured background as I had to change from my initial idea due to the red background that was behind me in the performance shot.
  2. Change the position in the shot of where I am sat, I would have much preferred it if I was sat more to the right of the screen as I feel it looks like I haven’t really thought about it in the used shot.
  3. Try creating a video for a more upbeat song where everything doesn’t have to be smooth, as a slow song really restricts you to slow and smooth transitions and theres not much else you can do.
  4. Never have an interesting pattern on the back wall of the shot, this created many problems as it distracts from the layer at numerous points due to it taking up the whole right hand side of the clip.
  5. Collect more footage than you need so you can experiment more.

Overall I really enjoyed creating this video and it has definitely opened my eyes to how creating music videos is something that I am capable of doing. I will most definitely be using premiere to create more videos and be sticking to the points I have mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy my video…