Task 4 – Developmental performance

Group – Ophelia Neville, Chloe Wood and Rosie Mountjoy (myself)

After creating the playlist for the last task it really spurred on ideas of what we can create using loopers and being able to layer harmonies. We were all inspired by the Alt J’esque idea and decided that we wanted to create something that wasn’t a conventional song but something that was attention grabbing and haunting like Alt J’s interludes. We came up with the idea of ‘Haunting’ we wanted to take inspiration from this word in all aspects of the piece, the instrumentation, vocals, harmonies and lyrics. Following on from this we stumbled across the idea of through having many voices with the harmonies creating confusion, this could reference schizophrenia; After researching a little into schizophrenia we found a definition that mentioned three parts that it affects, the thoughts, feelings and actions so we chose to each take one of these categories and inject that into the individual performances with in the group track.

The track we were creating was going to heavily rely on the looper as this would carry the haunting harmonies that mainly define the track, so getting used to using a looper was the main thing to focus on when we rehearsed. We also had a pre set piano loop which we recorded with a click to make sure it was in time as this was the base of the song. The Roland pad I used to create a simple beat to add some texture to the track.

This was what we created during the first rehearsals…

During the next rehearsal we decided to add the Ableton push, this was too add more sounds and layer to the track. We also needed more lyrical content for the track so this is when we made a small spider diagram which is shown below, writing down words associated with schizophrenia. We took some of these words and repeated the same one over and over again to create this eerie sound. I chose the phrase ‘Help me’ as through the rehearsal process we decided on the idea that as I was providing the beat, this beat could mimic the heartbeat so I was the person suffering with schizophrenia and Chloe and Ophelia were the voices in my head.


After implementing these final ideas we recorded the outcome, here it is below:

Making sure the fade outs and stopping of the loopers at the right time will be the trickiest part about our performance so this is what we need to practice the most to make sure it runs smoothly on the day.

Below is a photo of our set up – Chloe on the right in front of the mac with mic and pedal board, Ophelia in the middle with Mic, piano and pedal board, and myself on the Left with mic and Roland pad.



We made sure we booked in early as we knew that we needed lots of practice to make sure everything is being triggered at the right time and to develop the song ideas further. Below are screenshots of email bookings, 3 made by me and then Ophelia booked two slots later on when we needed some extra practice time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.37.47Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.38.05Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.38.12