Creating a non conventional song was always the idea behind this track, we wanted it to be abstract and quite simply really spooky which I feel we managed to capture in some ways but I feel that nerves took over the final performance. The theme of this track was schizophrenia, this topic is something that is a little taboo especially when it comes to writing songs about it, so the intentions for this song was for it to never be too obvious but we wanted listeners to feel unease when watching and listening to the performance. The concept being schizophrenia grew many ideas for us as a group and from the start we all could imagine many voices with reverb and echo creating a confusing sound bubble of words.

Chloe – Vocals, Looper and Push.

Ophelia – Vocals, Piano Preset and looper.

Rosie (myself) – Vocals and Roland drum pad.

We used reverb and delay on each vocal track and used the looper to add layers for the harmonies. The piano was captured as pre set audio which we could start via the pedal as this was also on a looper. We used the Abelton Push with a sample pad sound through called ‘siren voices’ and the Roland Pad was used as a midi with a drum sound preset on Abletons sample library.

The final performance didn’t really go as well as it did during rehearsals but definitely went better than we thought considering how bad the technical rehearsal went. We had a lot of problems during the tech rehearsal due to the pedal board not working, the siren sound sample ended up mapped over each midi instrument which took a while to sort out, leaving us with little time to have a run through of the track.

Final performance:

The overall performance I felt managed to portray the confused, spooky vibe we were going for but it wasn’t the best we have performed the track. When the preset piano track was started it also started the looper vocal tracks which weren’t cleared after the practice run before the actual performance, so everything came in at once and we didn’t have the gradual build of voices; This gradual build of harmonies and voices was one of the main parts of the track so this mishap really affected the overall feel of the performance. The space bar we mapped to stop the piano track but it ended up stopping the vocal loopers as well so this meant instead of a gradual delayering to bring us to the end of the piece it all abruptly stopped, this shortened the track and created a messy ending which is really disappointing considering how well the rehearsals went. If we were to perform the song again we would definitely make sure the loopers are cleared before starting and map the piano to something other than the space bar as I think this was our main issue, this due to Ableton’s start and stop controls being preset to the space bar beforehand.

To develop this track further I think first of all more practice is definitely needed as things can always go wrong in a live situation, so being prepared for these things would help a lot. I want to experiment with the Push more as it was in a different key to the piano track so the song changed key when the piano was introduced, this at the time created a creepy, eerie sound so it did fit in with the track but, I feel it would be better if it matched keys. More time is the overall thing that was needed for this song, we were very ambitious which worked in our favour at some points but for the final performance I feel it disappointed us.