What proceeds is my first Protest song attempt that I took into class and performed…

V1- Just a stones throw away from your bed
Just a small step from the door
in this town that you have been living
doesn’t feel safe, to live in no more

V2- Its not the place we once knew
not the roads that we remember
now they are full of despair and tears
not the place that screams life anymore


These streets oh there going to stay empty
If we dont change if we don’t change
oh there empty
Empty streets empty heart empty lives x2

V3- That saturday night, oh where the streets turned grey
And the life oh the life it got ripped away
Innocence being dragged into a war


As I said before hand this was my first attempt at the protest song which I took into class for feedback, turns out I didn’t read the brief properly and its all completely wrong structurally.

So I decided to take a whole different approach:

I chose to write about social media and how our lives are affected by it, but with the main topic that you don’t know who’s looking through your social media pages…

The song I have titled ‘Virtual Window’. This is a section taken from my hook line that gets repeated throughout the song. The idea behind the virtual window was that anyone can look through your literal window without access, let alone with access and through the song you question who is looking through, and was it because you gave them this easy access. The virtual part obviously because of It being an imaginative metaphor of a window based on your social media ‘home’.


Lyrics-         Virtual Window

Scroll through friends, strangers and lovers

Photos upon photos, sharing a glimpse to one another

Personal information for all to see

Birthdays, interests, relationships and family


But do you know who’s looking through your virtual window


Meaningless text for people to make presumptions

Creating problems to draw attention

Arguing for the sake of it

Spreading rumours, but to their face you won’t admit


But do you know who’s looking through your virtual window


Accepting friend requests over many platforms

Questions is do you know all of them

Allowing access to search through your pages

Whats the consequence of these social media ages/phases


But do you know who’s looking through your virtual window


Anyone can take a photo

Take your name, date, identity

Theres a whole show dedicated

So don’t be alarmed if you get a call from Neve.


Below I’ve analysed the song and written in parts that are a direct reference to social media.

Protest song analysis


There is a lot more work that I would like to do to this. With it being my first song structured like this I don’t think its a good piece of work really, it needs a lot more work and development that in future I want to do. On the other hand I think this is a big jump from the work I showed for this task in class.