Starting back at uni comes with excitement but also dread due to the preempting thoughts of how much harder and challenging it is going to be now we are into second year, the year where everything starts to really count!

The first session back in the studio was more exciting as we got to go into the shiny new studio which we could only gaze at through the window in first year; its funny how much a new studio to work in gives you a boost of motivation that you need to get back into the swing of things.


Setting up the studio…

Mains unit – Press two big red buttons (with force or they won’t switch on/off)

Desk – Button behind the screen of the desk

Mac – Silver button (gentle) box bottom left

Desk – ‘Set up’ click on box screen and then press top right button on desk twice\

Speakers – Light switch at the back of the room

PMC speakers – Remote control 0db – press circle button

——–     Save in ‘Prompt for location’     ———

Headphone – Mono – Audio aux —– Do output first, ‘Headphone (HP) 16’   —- Input ‘Talkback’