Through psychodynamic therapy the patients emotions, thoughts, early life experiences and beliefs are reviewed in order to gain insight into their life and present day problem and evaluate the patterns they have developed over time.

Music therapy is one approach to this kind of therapy – Psychodynamic music therapy

Music being the primary source to draw from. A client to therapist relationship is key as this therapy relies on a transference and counter transference between client and therapist. The music is used as a bridge from the conscious to unconscious.

The idea was that when the client takes part in free improvisation it ‘the player’s character, pathology, and personal issues will be reflected in music.’ These therapists are able to notice patterns and can review someones whole thought process or behaviour just by listening to what they are playing/doing with the instrument.

Another way in which they are able to analyse a client through music therapy is in one to one music therapy sessions. In a case study I read while researching this topic, a young boy who had been abused chose the same song every session. This young boy was unable to articulate very well so couldn’t tell the therapist why he had chosen the song so the therapist delved it to the reasoning why he would chose this piece of music, and maybe the reason he chose it is because the lyrics read what he wanted to say and was feeling.

One article I read that opened my eyes to what they do it from this website –


As I was looking through videos i started to find myself in the territory of other music therapy, for example, neurologic music therapy and how music therapy can help people with special needs. It definitely opened my eyes up to how music can be used in a therapeutic way and showed me that it can actually work.

After exploring this type of therapy its definitely something I would now consider exploring further and also consider it to be a path I might take. Music therapy is something that I would consider to be hugely un recognised and I feel it could help many people, even people who I know.