Group: Rosie Mountjoy (ME), Ophelia Neville, Sarah Walker and Guy Dawes

A set task to create a Eurovision song, something at first thought seems relatively straight forward and easy to do but in all honesty it was tricky; Finding a style that was recognised for being Eurovision ‘esque without completely copying something thats already been done was difficult. As a group we wanted to focus on the serious topic of terrorism but trying to bring this theme across in a euro vision way is hard as we didn’t want to create a humorous side which is what you find from many songs previously in the competition.

We decided first of all that a strong unifying chorus would be the main part of our song. A chorus that unites people and gets everyone to sing along together, this we portrayed through the lyrics and also the melody is easy enough for anyone to sing along to.

Myself and Ophelia worked on the lyrics, trying to find words that weren’t too literal and brutal which the topic is.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 15.17.50.png

The music was a group decision with Sarah/Ophelia on Keys and Guy on the guitar, we came up with a chord structure all together from just bouncing ideas of one another.

The melody was then left up to me, which I just started jamming around ideas of different vocal melodies. We all decided that the chorus should be uplifting therefore have an ascending melody, which is exactly what we settled on.

Here is the voice note we recorded of the initial sound of the song…


After this initial recording idea of the song, Ophelia took this and creating an instrumental that could coincide with the guitar and piano that Sarah and Guy offer.

Here is the the track recorded in the studio…

This recording is clearly not finished but due to the time restraint that comes with working in a group and having just a week to complete the task to share at the following lecture, we didn’t get enough time to finish. We had ideas of adding in a bridge and ending the song in someway that doesn’t sound like just a drone on of the chorus.

Below are the vocals that I sang for the song.