For this Eurovision song revisited task we decided to focus on the melody with in the chorus. In the track we submitted last week we chose the chorus melody to ascend as this represents the uplifting spirits of not only the lyrics but of what emotion we wanted to portray. So for this task we have chosen to revisit this chorus and try it in different ways.

V1 – Eurovision revisit – ballad style

First we decided to slow the chorus down, making it into a different style of song. We went for a more ballad approach…

We kept the same ascending melody for the chorus with the word ‘Victorious’ being more melodically flourished on the 3rd time sung. The real difference with this version is the overall style of the song, this slowed down pulled back version offers the song a complete new outlook.

At the end of the recording you hear me mention that we could start with this version of the chorus – this is a complete new idea in itself which in future I would love to experiment with.

(tracks are listed below for all)


V2 – Eurovision revisit – Major Chorus 

We decided to make the chorus all major chords and this completely changed the feel of the song. It took away the dark edge and made it more uplifting and high spirited.

1st victorious depends at the end (took away the ascending melody as shown in the original recording)

2nd Victorious ascends melodically

3rd Victorious mimics the first

4th time the ‘We Are’ is repeated twice with the ‘Victor-…’ held then into the ‘-ious’ which descends melodically.


V3 – Eurovision revisit – Staccato version

As you will be able to here this is the one version that differs the most from the original track. This staccato piano rhythm feeds into the melody creating a much more fun and uplifting take on the song.

When writing the song originally i mentioned how we didn’t want to create a humorous tone through the music like other Eurovision songs when we were singing about such a serious topic and this style i think brings a happy humorous  side which i don’t think is fitting at all.


V4 – Eurovision revisit – Elongated ‘We’

This time I took the emphasis of ‘Victorious’ and put in on the ‘We’ in the chorus lyric. I achieved this by elongating the word ‘we’ and shorting the speed I sing across ‘victorious’ therefore creating focus on the word ‘we’ rather than victorious which is emphasised in the original performance of the song.


To further the exploration of how the song could sound we recorded the song in the Ballad style that was shown in the snippet of V1 up above. Here is the outcome of the whole song in this style.