For this blog post the task was to research into what music works do by choosing one of their ‘Our stories’ article on their webpage.

The ‘story’ I chose was ‘Jenny finds a new way of coping with mental health problems’

The workshop ‘Music Minds’ personally helped jenny with her behaviour and has impacted on her long term too. The programme is aimed ‘to enable and empower young people – particularly those at risk of self-harming – to improve their mental health through music.’ Music is being introduced as a way of expression and to self help and as a way of coping.

This story for me showed that they offer workshops that provide therapy, with the idea of therapy not being at the forefront so making it more appealing, specially for young people; The thought of therapy can be quite intimidating and just hearing this word people tend to introvert themselves. The music minds programmes takes the focus of therapy and homes in on how you can deal with mental suffering by focusing your mind on music instead.

Their workshops offer a great music opportunity as well as helping the young people with emotional and physical problems. Shows youth that music can be used to help cope with their problems.