How easy to read and understand?

  • Language used was relatively straight forward and there wasn’t any tricky theory based words, so as long as you have basic music terminology you find the video easy to follow and understand.
  • I found the video very lacking in the pace, it felt like it was dragging at many points over parts that held no knowledge with in the outcome.
  • The audience participation was a struggle in itself as you can’t hear them clearly at all and in this video audience participation was crucial.
  • The references to music that were made were up to date which in itself set you in the right direction of understanding as you know the references used. (‘I can’t feel my face’ lyric reference)
  • The guy speaking had a very active personality which in some respects keeps you engaged but it’s also rather irritating and of putting so can almost make the video a not so easy watch.


What knowledge is needed to interpret?

  • I would say that only basic knowledge of music theory is needed such as: Knowing what a rhythm, melody, harmony and what the word monotone means. This basic use of music terminology is good as people with all different backgrounds of music will understand it.
  • I would say you may need to want to peruse song writing to really benefit from the knowledge as it is solely focused around hooks in song writing.
  • How to make a rhythm as this is a key feature for his audience participation and the confidence to contribute will help you benefit from this knowledge.


Something you learned and you could apply to your own songwriting?

  • ‘Two most important lines of a song are the first line of the first verse and the first line of the chorus’
  • expand this into music not just lyrics
  • I found this part really interesting as it gives you a different outlook onto the idea that the first line isn’t just a reference to lyrics but the music in itself which has changed my perception of hooks in a song.
  • Go home and listen to a song and take away the pitch and just focus on the rhythm of the hook – another phrase of advice I intent to put into practice.


How relevant is it to your songwriting, and why?

  • I find this video really relevant as it focuses on something that’s major when creating a song and something that people tend to think they know everything about hooks but there is so much more to them.
  • Breaking each section down like he suggests and focusing on either pitch or rhythm at one time strips it back to the basics of what comes together to create the song.


The video was slow starting and vague at times but at moments key phrases were mentioned and those are the parts I want to take with me and put them into practice.