I chose to research into Pyka and what they offer. Pyka are a group of digital artist-educators whom have a passion for creative led learning and extensive experience in schools. They have 3 courses, these being: Pyka looper, Pyka walker and Pyka hack. For this task I am going to look into the Pyka looper course and what this course offers.

Pyka Looper opens the doors to digital creativity, by using there software students record and remix sounds from their environment to create a song that can be uploaded to Spotify or apple music. I think that bringing digital workshops into schools really benefits as the youth of today are constantly around technology and have grown up with it constantly in their life. Teaching them what they can do creatively and through education on a digital platform creates a different perception for them in regards to what technology offers them at the moment.

The pyka looper course is run over six weeks, students use the Pyka loop app and record sounds from their surroundings. They then go onto developing these sounds in a creative way while also using key skills from maths, literacy and science. The course is rounded off with a global release of a class track.

They highlight to students that skills in your key subject are vital even in creative careers.

My view – 

This course I would say brings creativity, music, learning and maturity all together. You get to be creative through music, you learn about the app and what it can do, for example they learn about frequency and its affects on the sound. The learning and maturity come hand in hand with one another really, the software to a child would seem mature and that they are being trusted to use it and experiment their own thoughts and ideas.

The course I think would appeal to even an older generation of youth, not just the year 6 age bracket that is mentioned and shown in the video. Even for students at university level this course would benefit as it opens up ideas of music technology and creating music from outside sounds, not just ones found on a computer.

The app lets you explore your creativity and its great to see that rather than suppressing this creativity and exploration which I felt happened in primary schools, theses courses are opening doors for eduction.



Below I’ve attached the link to some of the songs created in the workshops –


Just from listening to the first song you are introduced to the idea that you can make music through anything. The idea that you don’t need to be able to play an instrument to create music is an amazing thought to make children aware of such a young age. The intimidation of being handed a musical instrument and someone asking you to play it compared to being given a app to explore with instead is something that needs to be explored more.