The task this week was to work in a group with people you haven’t worked with before, So in lecture me and Will Davies decided that we would work together as we had never had the opportunity to do so before. As it turned out Ophelia didn’t have a group to go with so she worked with us two (I have worked with Ophelia on numerous occasions before but she’s never worked with Will and considering the circumstance surely thats fine).

Myself and Ophelia had a studio booking where we finished early and Will was around so we decided to take full advantage of the room and the percussion instruments in the studio facilities and recorded a rough take of our instrumental piece.

We conversed about what type of sound we wanted to create and then leading on to us sharing different ideas to one another which before we knew it lead into a jam which we thankfully recorded before we started.

Ophelia played the piano, Will on guitar and then myself playing two egg shakers and a tambourine and I used my voice to create ‘ooo’s and different sounds.

We ended up creating an emotion filled piece that was really evoking. Considering it started as a jam it actually turned into something neither of us were expecting so here it is…