Originally for this project I began to record a vocal and piano track which is something typical of me. I had time over the festive break to completely change my mind with what I wanted to create in a step towards my EP. I took this opportunity to create a song that challenges me not only in production but also my style and what I want to create in my future music ventures.

I took an original vocal and piano track and turned it into an electronic inspired piece through experimenting with sounds and instruments on Logic. Logic being my DAW of choice as it’s what I have access to at home, preferably for my EP I want to use Pro tools as I feel I have better mixing experience on that DAW.

Due to me creating this track over the festive period I didn’t have access to the university studio, so I took to my makeshift home studio. The only Live recording was the vocals so this wasn’t too much of an issue. The vocals I recorded in a make shift vocal booth.


Here you can see the make shift recording booth, the mic set up with the pop shield and also me ready to go! (ignore the guitar I came up with many ideas during the process)


Mic plugged into Interface used


Ideally recording these vocals in the studio would have meant I had a stronger vocal take recorded on my desired mic, this being the U87. The mic I recorded with was a Tascam TM-80, which with tweaking of EQ, reverb and compression didn’t turn out sounding too bad.

This vocal sound coinciding with electronic instruments is something inspired from London Grammar, this sound is something I want to take through into my EP. They also use live instruments in their music so this is something I want to try.



Below is a list of each instrument track and what I used on each-

Vocals- ‘Female Vocal’ EQ, ‘Short vocal hall’ reverb, Stereo spread and classic vocal compressor.

Drum machine – ‘Crate Digger’ being the sound pad used with ‘Botta church’ reverb.

Synth strings –  Turned cut off all the way down with ambience and reverb turned up. (this just in the controls panel)

Synth pad – Reverb turned up on the controls panel.

Piano – ‘Botta church’ reverb.

Backing Vocals – ‘Female Vocal’ EQ, ‘Big cave’ reverb and factory default stereo spread.

Reverse symbol – Pre downloaded sound from a previous project.


The ‘Rev’ used at the start gave the track an extra bit purely because it took me so long to feel happy with the sound and the one part I hated was how sudden it started so this saved the track for me really.

The reverb adds space to the sound, this is most noticeable in the vocals. The effects used on the vocals created a echoed, haunting sound which is what I was going for due to the theme of the song.

These vocals against the electronic synths are definitely something that I want to infuse through each of my tracks when working towards my EP. Considering this was my first time using the MIDI and using the sample library on Logic, I’m really pleased with the outcome.

Live instrument exploring is definitely something I want to consider when creating my EP, as I want to experiment with the room you record in and where the mic is placed.

This room impact I noticed on the vocals in my track. The vocals in the mix sound really quiet and I tried to resolve the issue as at first I thought it was due to the compression but after tweaking everything they stayed the same. The problem I think has fallen down to the amateur booth I recorded in. I think recording the vocals again with the desired microphone and in a proper studio would elevate the track.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 9.22.39 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.07.38 pm
As you can see in the channel listing it shows all the pre set channel strips that come with an instrument used from the library.


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 16.54.57


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 17.00.15

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 17.07.44

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 17.14.19

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 17.19.57