The last lecture before the workshop practical – this time gave us the opportunity to really cement what we want to do as over christmas we came up with other ideas for our workshop.

The main idea being that you can play anything and it be musical and that you don’t have to have any prior musical knowledge. We didn’t want it to just be a workshop about picking up an instrument and playing it, we all felt that we needed a story, something to get out of the workshop. Having a story to frame the workshop also gives you a point to work towards, a structure and an outcome for the children.

Discussion about having the kids come up with words to create a story was the main idea but after working through each pro and con of that we all came to the conclusion it would take a lot of time and also could mean the story has no context at all.

I had the idea that we had words already but colour code the word to an instrument, these colours for the word will be chosen by the children, this being the way that they get involved with the creation of the story.

After bouncing around the ideas of this we all settled that this would be the best way but we need to make sure they story is funny and engaging. We then introduce the instruments, these all being home made instruments so hopefully they aren’t intimidating.

As we go across the story we point to the word with the colour and that group that has that coloured instrument plays.

At first we had 12 words all together that the kids had to chose a colour to best represent it but after further discussion we all agreed this could take ages. We ended up agreeing on 4 words that they had to pick the colour for, each word corresponding to each of the colours. This way it gave us more time to develop the story musically with dynamics.


Instrument creating –

The instrument ideas were either from previous ideas that we had and also from searching online.

I created the rattle drum instruments, using a cardboard circle box, string, beads, a pencil and some glue! I also bought some ‘wash’ tape to decorate with!

Rattle drum 1.jpg Rattle drum 2


Sarah created castanets and little banjos –

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 17.51.16 Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 17.45.46


Chloe made tambourines and shakers/scrapers

Tambourine and skraper.jpg

And Ophelia was in charge of creating instruments for the wind section-

Pipes and a kazoo

Wind section .jpg


My next role was too write out all the cards with words on for the story board, it took me hours! And I lost a Sharpie to the cause 😦

Card words for story.jpg


Ophelia created Que cards as a safety net during the workshop, just in case of emergency!